Logo  Jesus I tell you the Truth, Whatever you did for one of the least of these brother of mine did you for me.
Math : 25.40

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       Loving Greeting to my beloved brothers, sisters and donors!

       My name is Ms.T.A.Nirmala (Mercy Nirmala). I was born in a Hindu family in the year 1966. After some period , I was hated and forsaleen by all. Nobody was there to help me.

       All look at me very lowly. My own people made me so many troubles.I was broken hearted and no peace of mind. There was none to consolate me. Nobody was there to meet my needs and to take care of me. At that time. I heard about the love of Jesus Chirst and I accepted Him as my Savoiur.

       After that my family members get me out of the family just because i accepted Jesus Chirst. Then i saw a vision from that vision I heared that I should help people of all religion, not only to a particular religion or Class of people.

       According to the vision I started the "Grace Happy Home Trust". Till now no ways were opened. The Almighty Lord and Saviour Jesus Chirst is leading us wonderfully.

       Finally I humbly request you those who are willing to support me in such a way that are possible to you !!

God Bless You..!

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